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Ely Folk Club

Ely Folk Club takes place at the Arkenstall Village Centre, 7 Station Road, Haddenham, Ely, Cambs CB6 3XD. There is no bar, but you are welcome to bring your own drinks with you. There is a large car park at the Arkenstall Centre.

Events at Ely Folk Club start at 7.30pm (doors open at 7:00pm) unless otherwise stated.

Concerts take place most months, on Wednesday evenings. We also hold occasional extra events.

Tickets may be paid for online using the link shown in each individual event. Alternatively, they may be reserved in advance by telephoning 01353 740999 or 01353 664706.

Mummers' Play


OFT Old Father Time
WK Wednesday Knight
DK Draconian Monster
St G St Gerry
Molly Molly
Malt Maltster
Doc A Doctor


(Enter Old Father Time)
OFT In comes I, Old Father Time
A tale I've come to tell
Of songs and music, old and new
And p'raps some beer as well
Gazing back along the years
In dark and distant gloom
A story that first began
In this very room.
(Enter Wednesday Knight)
WK In comes I, the Wednesday Knight
To tell you of my dreary plight
There's nothing doing in the town
No music on for miles around
Is there anyone out there
Can help relieve the boredom here
(Enter St Gerry)
St G In comes I, St Gerry
From Uxbridge town come I
I used to run a folk club there
Known as the Load of Hay
A festival I've started here
And now the time is right
A folk club for to organise
All on a Wednesday Night
Here in the Maltings we shall start
Thence to the Angel pub
The back room there a perfect home
For the new Ely Folk Club
(Enter Molly)
Molly And so it was long years ago
That first I came alive
Many since have come along
And helped me to survive
WK The room was small, the beer not good
So as audiences grew
The Club was relocated
To the old Red, White and Blue
Twelve months on, another move
The Royal Standard bar
With welcome fire in the hearth
More comfortable by far
St G The time has come, we must away
My good wife, Sue, and me
To seek some other fortune
In Belfast, 'cross the sea
With Ruth now at the helm
I'm sure the club will grow
I'd love to stay around here
But I fear I must now go
(Exit St Gerry)
WK Nearly seven years have passed
Now twice a month the throngs
Of people come along to share
In Folk music and songs
Molly The beginning of the Pagan year
So folklorists do say
A time of celebration
For now 'tis the month of May
(Enter Draconian Beast)
Drac In comes I the draconian beast
With bylaws I have come
To seek out and investigate
All merriment and fun
What's this? A gathering in a pub
And advertised as well
You cannot hold your folk club here
'Cos there's no P.E.L.
That's a Public Entertainments Licence
Without which only two
May sing or play, without PA
And that applies to YOU
For when I see folks having fun
The blood rushes to my head
We can't have fun in this town
So I'll fight you till you're dead
(Fight between Draconian Beast and Molly. Molly falls down, obviously badly injured)
WK Oh Draconian Beast, why such a deed
Now Molly on the floor do bleed
Is there a doctor in this house
Can cure the actions of this louse?
(Enter Maltster)
Malt Yes, I am a doctor of sorts for many have I cured
When ale that I have helped to brew from tankards has been poured
I was there at Molly's birth and now 'twould be a pleasure
To offer Moll a venue as a temporary measure
(Maltster administers ale from tankard to injured Molly, who is instantly revived. Draconian Beast slinks off, muttering)
Molly Oh Maltster fine, you've saved the day
Now though there is no pub
In four months time we will away
To Ely Football Club
OFT But with football on the telly
Folks soon began to mutter
So Moll was on the move again
This time to The Cutter
WK The club's been here for eighteen months
And now 'tis May again
Plans afoot to celebrate
When Molly reaches ten
Molly The Cutter has new management
Now sounds the warning bell
For he's failed to renew
The bloody P.E.L.
OFT The King's Arms in St Mary's Street
With a building out the back
There's been so many venues now
It's hard to keep a track
Molly A committee now we'll form
And Summer weeks we'll spend
With render and with paint
The old building we'll mend
For though there is no P.E.L.
It's separate from the pub
So we can operate
As a members-only club
WK But Winter's chill begins to bite
And teeth begin to chatter
So back again the club returns
Once more to the Cutter
(Enter Draconian Beast)
Drac You can't meet here, you'll have to go
You can't have a private club
This is a public place you know
That's why it's called a pub
Molly This room is booked, we pay you know
This really isn't funny
There's nowhere else for us to go
Drac Well, that's your problem, sonny.
Molly We'll make a fuss, go to the press
We'll make a dance and song
Drac Well, that's just fine, but just make sure
They don't spell my name wrong!
(Draconian Beast roars threateningly, then slinks off, somewhat smugly)
WK Poor old Moll, where can he go
Now driven from the city
To see him die would be a shame
Will nobody take pity
OFT A pub now with a P.E.L.
Between Ely and Sutton
In the village of Witchford
Called the Shoulder of Mutton
But that won't do for folks won't come
Out of Ely of a night
It really starts to look as if the ending is in sight
WK Some other doctor we must find
To keep poor Moll alive
So if you're out there, come on in
And help him to survive
Doc Not quite doc but more A DeC
Now, do you think you might
Continue with the Maltster's help
If I will underwrite?
You ask if I can fix it
But that's really not my job
After all I'm not a builder
And nor is my name Bob!
Molly After all these troubles I can't just give up the fight
I won't be beaten by the beast and let down the Wednesday Knight
I'll celebrate my decade with a day of dance and song
A full programme of events to last the whole day long
OFT A splendid day was had by all
But numbers they were lacking
And now poor Moll is in the red
Despite the doctor's backing
WK Now Moll is forced to take a rest
Until some friendly pub
With P.E.L. and pleasant room
For poor Ely Folk Club
All Now for next year there are a few events we have in store
If they're well enough attended, perhaps there will be more
And now our play is at an end
Our thanks we do extend
To those who have supported us
Right to the bitter end

Song to Pace Egging Tune

All We thank you for staying and hearing us out
So now we all know what the fuss is about
Now Molly is resting but before very long
We hope to return with more music and song

Our mumming is over, the story now done
And now to continue the rest of the fun
We hope that your Christmas is filled with good cheer
And hope very much that we'll see you next year